Bust Out Of The Diet Rut

Healthy eating can become a boring rut if your not careful. Your body becomes accustomed to the same foods you put in your system so putting new twists on eating right can keep you on your toes.

Here are some ideas to try:

Shake up your routine. If spaghetti with meatballs is the Friday night dish for your family tweak the recipe and serve spaghetti squash with mushrooms followed by iced peach smoothies.

Find the winters farmers market if that is the season. You love the summer farmers markets but you can still find some great produce at the winter markets and they are becoming more available.

Just like a relationships your diet falls into cycles, good habits and bad habits. Having an unvaried menu can lead to choices like the candy bar from the vending machine at two o clock in the afternoon. Opt for organic snacks, yes you will spend more money on them but the vending machine wont be part of the drill anymore. Go to a you-pick-it farm get some exercise and some apples to boot!

A few new recipes, an open mind to trying different foods, and bit of education will break the diet rut. Nobody wants to be stuck in one. You can free yourself from the ditch with small modifications. Don’t use mayonnaise when you make a sandwich. Switch to whole grain products, even pastas, crackers and cereal are available now in whole grain. Try a unique fruit or cheese you have never tried before. Pay attention to what works for you, and please send some of those tips to us.

Re-fashioning your foods will bring new things to your life. You will become a more interesting person.You are what you eat, if your food is interesting so are you. The knowledge you gain will give you an edge. Diet is a dreaded word, you think reduce, eat sparingly and depriving yourself. Dropping a few pounds can be a gratifying bonus to being out of the trench. Little tips like adding a slice of cucumber or lemon to a glass of water can be slimming. Try a tea tree tooth pick when you just have the munchies and truly don’t need to eat. Remember,” Variety is the spice of Life!” Take a few of these tips and climb out of the rut!