Dieting Motivation – Slinky Hipsters to Self-Confidence, What Keeps You From Ditching the Diet?

You tried to lose weight, made it but like lots of others, you started out fine but then lost some of that “steam” along the way and had trouble getting motivated again.

Every one of us struggles with staying motivated and reaching our goals. Just look around you – how many of your friends go on diets, lose weight, and then gain it back again!

Obviously dieting motivation isn’t strong enough to hold you and them “in place”……

This is because in real life, changing or making a new start on something, no matter how small, is no small feat.

But it’s do-able. With the right approach, you can definitely do it.

The right approach to dieting, that is.

Here we go:

1. Turn Around Your Mentality On Why You Hate Dieting

Boring, no fun – because you got to be careful with what you eat all the time

Pain – because you got to forgo all your favorite foods

Starvation – because you got to eat small portions and “starve” yourself

Very inconvenient – because you can’t eat out; can’t drink; can’t eat to your heart’s content…..

Don’t hate dieting. It’s not the subject of your hatred here. What you need to do is to turn around these “hatred” into something positive by…..

2. Facing The Truth

a. Dieting is a whole lot less boring than being fat

Ah…..when you go on a diet, you need to change your eating habits. This change can be uncomfortable and you wish you could skip it instead…..

But have you thought of it this way?

-That it’s a lot more fun than carrying extra weight around in your body that spoils your health and body shape?

-That it’s a lot more fun than having fat thighs? Fat legs? Love handles? Belly fat?

-That it’s a lot more fun than always having to hide your body in XXL T-shirts and pants?

b. Dieting is less torturous than having a fat body

With the craze now for a slim body, being fat can turn you into a “sore thumb” that stands out in any crowd. You feel like an “outcast” and a “socially disadvantaged” person because of your larger size……

I’m not trying to be sarcastic here – which is more tolerable? Dieting? Fat Body?

You decide.

c. Dieting does not equal to starving yourself

It doesn’t mean you eat less; it means to eat healthily and differently.

It sure doesn’t mean you eat very tiny portions or you go on a hungry pang, so as to cut down your calories.

What it means is this – that you choose not to eat high-calorie, high-fat junk food, but eat instead lots of less fattening food; foods that’re well-balanced in nutrients and that promote weight loss – whole grains, high fiber, rich protein and good fats. That you dig into plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water too.

d. Between fat and dieting, which one is “easier”?

Consider these situations:

  • Search shops upon shops for some clothings that fit?
  • Always have to frequent your doc because of your weight-related health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol?
  • Always feel tired and exhausted?
  • Very conscious of your weight and body shape?
  • Feel shy to show off your body?
  • Feel left out by friends?
  • Feel awkward and clumsy?

3. Now You Have A Reality Check

Hey! Being Fat isn’t a sin, a curse or a wrong even…..

It’s normally down to 2 culprits: lack of exercise and over-eating.

Trouble is, after you’ve been fat for a while it’s easy to fall into this thinking trap: “Dieting and exercise don’t work for me”.

Well, you better believe that the tried and true combo of exercise and eating healthy works for you because it works, unless you’ve a medical condition that interrupts with your weight loss.

4. Don’t Be Mistaken That Thin = Happiness But…..

Yes, being thin, it would bring you health but it won’t bring you happiness.

You still have a louzy job.

Your bills still keep rolling in, waiting for you to pay.

Family problems, children’s college education; nasty boss; back-stabbing colleagues…..They’re still there for you….

But you would feel wonderful because you’ve gained self-confidence – in how you look; how your body shape entices envious stares from people; how you feel so sexy in your tight-hugging jeans……And you’re full of energy and optimism.

Whatever problems you’ve, they all seem insignificant and more tolerable.

5. The Down Fall?

When you look for a short-cut to lose weight.

The idea that there’s a short-cut somewhere to lose weight kills your motivation pronto because you’ll always go half-heartedly in your own effort believing there’s a short-cut way to make up for what you don’t achieve.

The “sad” truth is – there’s no short-cut. Period.

Exercise and eating healthy diet is the way to go.