How to Ditch Your Diet and Still Lose Weight – The “F” Word Rears Its Head Again

I love food, all food, trying it out, tasting it, cooking it,watching it, and yep, even blogging about it.

How sad is that?

Diets, Yep, been there, done that. Tried meal replacement, grapefruit and mono diets. Boring.

Went to Weight watchers once and I put on weight – my family always said I was contrary. Worst thing was I developed in instant craving for the foods that weren’t on the list that I had never had the slightest interest in before.

When I say I am into food, I mean healthy, I mean fresh, I mean good for you honest tucker without all the frills and fripperies that restaurants want to dress it up with. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good meal but I am not really into sweets, cakes and big slushy puds. Not is, until, I went to Weight Watchers. Hey, why am I even giving them capital letters for the title!

Had a friend once who lost heaps on a diet plan where they bring the food round to you.

All prepared it was, in a box. All she had to do was lift the lid and eat. At most, press a button on her microwave and hey presto, a diet meal delivered to her plate. Trouble is the food was practically dead. And unappetising. And boring! No variation, no substance and by the time she got to the next meal she was ravenous and ready to consume the box and all. Sure there were salads – if you call a limp, pale insipid pre-prepared box that passed for a salad. Sure, she lost weight. Sure she looked great – briefly. Then guess what, the diet ended and the feast began again. The weight returned along with her even larger appetite. I mean to say, hadn’t she been deprived for all time “being good” She had to catch up and catch up she did. Fast! Consumed an entire bag of doughnuts and an even bigger bag of Choccy cookies at one sitting and wowed it up some more with a few G and T’s to celebrate her new weight loss and new shape.

This new shape did not hang about for long with her current celebratory phase.

If you have gone through a few of these “must lose weight’ phases you will know for yourself how disillusioning it all is and how you actually gain weight to start with. The bad news is that there is no quick fix. The good news is that like the hare and the tortoise, slow and steady definitely does win the race and it works and works well.

Thing is, fat people don’t really think they are fat. We are jolly, solidly built, fuller figures even – yep, full all right. Chock full of food. Someone once said that large people don’t inherit their family shape so much as their recipe books. Ever heard people say they eat like a bird? They hardly eat anything? Everything I eat turns to fat?

Now here’s the clue. You are eating more than you are using. That’s it. That’s the Secret of Fat Loss. Plain and Simple. What is not plain and simple is that it is painful changing your ways (or weighs:)

Here’s a story for you. I was always on the “plenty of meat on your bones” side, but normally had it more or less under control. I had a busy job as a nurse, then later a job whizzing around, worked hard in the weekends in my garden, took walks, walked down to the bus and later the train, got off my transportation and walked the rest of the way to work.

Then I became more successful. I moved up the ladder and could afford to dine out, had lunches out, scrapped my exercise and had hardly any time for my garden. I started in real estate, more time sitting, more time cruising, more funds to dine out and buy what I liked. had pizza for lunch. Often. Guess what? I slowly grew past the size of my comfortable car seat. I was still not “fat” but exchanging my clothes for the next size up all the time was not my idea of fun. Neither was looking in the mirror getting any better.

Then we went to Vanuatu for a holiday. I still drool at the thought of those delicious cocktails and lovely meals there BUT – you guessed it – we loved those cocktails so much we made them once we got home. Big mistake! They were very smooth, very creamy, very more-ish so the weight increased again. But what the holiday did leave us with was a graphic memory of the boarding of the plane process. Have you ever been on a small light plane?

Light, that’s the operative word, which meant they had to ensure they had the correct weight to fly. This in turn meant we all had to be weighed – no problem for the slim amongst us who smirked and smiled as the weights were called out and added up. OMG! They call the weight out? My Weight? I felt quite embarrassed as they screamed out in what seemed like quadraphonic sound, my then current weight. It seemed that everyone turned to look and I cringed – OK, not enough to make me take action but just a tad. Pity I didn’t remember this when cocktail hour came round.

And then there were the plane seats that were, well, quite tight fitting. Ridiculously small in fact.

Home, we succumbed to extending our holiday by having a few cocktails – quite a few, cream and all.

Eventually, when it filtered through that my girth was extending, not shrinking I decided it was time to take action. Fads and slimming clubs hadn’t worked so far and the weigh ins were excruciatingly embarrassing and clearly not working. The more I weighed myself the more I seemed to increase so I chucked the whole thing and decided to look at a more holistic approach where I would feel fitter and slowly lose a small amount each week.

If you want me to take your money and send you some pills or a quick fix, then sorry, you will be disappointed.

Its a bit like fishing, others can show you how to do it and tell you how they did it but in the end you need to get that line in the water and do it yourself.

The Secret and what worked for me

15 ways to lose weight and keep it off

The free, no sign up version of simplicity for coping with your “F” word stash

  1. Ditch those cocktails and happy hour drinks for plain water,
  2. Scrap the diet as such completely and go for a lifestyle change
  3. Give up “trying” to do it and just do it.
  4. Go for green healthy veggies
  5. Choose natural unprocessed food,
  6. Find exercise you enjoy – I have found I enjoy swimming and yoga – you need to find something
  7. Give up bread and carbohydrates for a while
  8. Check out calories in against energy out if you like being a couch potato then that means less food so it makes sense to find some exercise you like or you will need to cut back
  9. Have breakfast – this alone will make a huge difference
  10. Eat three meals a day regularly
  11. Stay away from Fast Food places and junk food
  12. Definitely stay away from the snack box at work
  13. Get rid of all your fat clothes and especially those that are too loose or you will expand to fit them
  14. Dump your elasticated clothes as its too easy to expand and not notice until its too late
  15. Stay away from people larger than yourself as you will feel skinny and keep eating:)

Seriously, have fun with your food but think what you are consuming. Is it worth eating empty calories? Will what you are looking at consuming have a beneficial effect on your health?

This way to weight loss will be longer and you will reduce at a slower rate but it will be a far healthier way to go and you will feel fitter and take control of your own weight control in a way that will keep the weight off.

Its Tough. The hardest part is even deciding to start so good luck in your journey.

Congratulate yourself even on beginning – even admitting you need to do something is a fantastic start and plan on it taking around one year, even eighteen months to get to where you want – remember it may have taken many decades to put it on.

Please let me know how much you have reclaimed your life if this is helpful to you. I am not a weight loss expert just someone who has discovered what works for me and I don’t usually write about weight loss as I prefer to concentrate on growing and cooking natural healthy food but I love to share some of my favorite recipes.

You can find some of my recipes on my cooking blog