Natural Ways for You to Ditch the Pain in Your Body

You may be wary of the effects of synthetic pain medications to your body but you have no other options but to take them to kill the pain. Well, worry no more. Here are some natural ways for you to ditch the pain without having to chug down various artificial ingredients that might do more harm to your body.

Add more herbs to your diet. Herbs like basil, ginger, and turmeric are great pain desensitizers. They are usually found inside your kitchen closet and are great ways to improve the taste of your food. You might not know it yet but they are effective methods of killing pain.

Arnica has natural anti-inflammatory properties that might be used to ease throat pain. It has also been known to ease pain in the joints and kness post surgery. Apply arnica oil or ointment to the affected area.

Aquamin is derived from a red seaweed that is rich in calcium and magnesium. Calcium helps the bones grow strong as it also helps relaxes tired muscles. Magnesium also kills pain and enhances your immune system.

Fish oil has been known to breakdown prostaglandins, the hormone responsible for pain. And if it breakdowns the pain hormone then it is good for the body. Fish oil has been used as an alternate method of treating body pain even those who suffer high blood pressure are suggested to take fish oil.

Trick your mind from feeling the pain. You can do this by counting out loud or doing something else. It has been proven that by distracting your brain and doing something else can actually prevent you from feeling the pain. Focus on saying things out loud rather than the pain though.

The ancient Chinese have developed ways to relieve pain through fluid exercises like Qigong. Qigong has been used for countless centuries now by the Chinese and has been practiced as a way to relieve pain rather than swalling down a pill.

The Chinese has mastered the art of pain relief through acupuncture. It is an alternative method to dealing with pain wherein thin needles are pricked on spots that cause pain. Acupuncture is used to treat lower back pain and even menstrual pain.