Obesity Time To Ditch The Junk

It may seem strange to see a reference to ‘diet’ on a web site dedicated to climate change, but believe it or not, our diet the food industry, food production and it’s subsequent distribution all play a significant part in the global picture.

The old adage, ‘you are what you eat’ has never been so relevant – we have in just decades, thrown the common sense approach of yesteryear away and have, in our masses turned to the fast, the convenient the ready made, the pre-packaged and the take-away. The family meal has all but disappeared.

Our staple diet now contains too much of many of the food types that are potentially life threatening, the high salt , high sugar and foods that contain excess fats are everywhere, our bodies now crave them we are, in many ways, junk addicts –

In recent years pressure from industry and Government has improved our labeling – but in reality how many of us read the small print? We need as consumers to take back control of our trolleys! Say no to the soda, the double cheeseburger and extra fries and regain a sense of control – ditch the junk!

FACT: Saying NO to the processed, the pre-packaged and the chemically modified food stuffs will not only help our burgeoning waist lines it will dramatically reduce the waste mountain!

World Obesity Figures:

France: Concerns over the nations health moves higher on the political agenda as 11-12 per cent of French children are now classified as obese!

China: Obesity figures in China have increased by some 97 per cent in the past 10 years – some 200 million people are thought to be overweight whilst some 60 million are considered obese!

Fact: China is now home to some 800+ Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and over 100 Pizza Huts.

Spain: Over 38 per cent of the adult population are considered overweight and the Government has taken a strong line with food companies in order to tackle the rising problem. Food companies have been required to reduce the amount of fats, sodium and salt in all of their produce. Meanwhile food and drink vending machines are being removed from schools and other public places.

India: Obesity figures have caused widespread concern, especially in many of India’s growing cities where 30 per cent of adolescents are overweight.

Did You Know: India’s fast-food industry is growing by a whopping 40 per cent per annum whilst 25 per cent of the population are still classified as undernourished.

Malaysia: The modern, more sedentary lifestyle is taking it’s toll on many of Malaysia’s young where 80 per cent of their total leisure time is now spent watching TV!

Sri Lanka: Again the modern high fat, low nutritional value lifestyle, is of growing concern as more and more of the countries children (14 %) who live in many of towns and cities are classified as overweight.

FACT: McDonald’s operates over 30,000 restaurants in some 119 countries and serves some 46 million people every day!

America: The obesity crisis has reached epic proportions for here 65.2 per cent of the population or 127 million adults are overweight and 60 million or 30.5 per cent of them are classified as obese.

FACT: Children who are given fizzy and sugar-sweetened drinks on a regular basis are much more likely to have a weight problem.

Improving our diet, contrary to what we may believe, is not hard, nor will it cost us more in terms of time or money. The first step is to recognize, that a diet high in fat, salt and sugar is of low-nutritional value and with every additional meal, we are increasing our chances of becoming overweight or obese. As obesity figures soar, the cost of treating many often, life threatening diet-related diseases including, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart problems will spiral ever upward.

The Golden Rules

As boring as it sounds READ THE LABEL

Learn the food groups, each day we need to eat food from all 5 categories for more information visit

Avoid the ‘E” – Foods containing the many E-numbers are not good so avoid them! a great guide to the E- numbers in food can be found at [http://www.ukfoodguide.co.net]

Eat breakfast – breakfast is them most important meal of the day it wakes our metabolism and gives us the energy to concentrate through our morning slog! Replace high sugar and sugar coated cereals with low sugar alternatives – too much sugar sends your blood sugar levels spiraling and then you crash – which starts you snacking its a vicious cycle.

Say NO to mid-morning snacks – snacking in between meals is NOT good – if you want something make it a healthy option.

Throw a dinner party! spend some time with people you like!

Encourage – your children to cook

Start a vegetable patch! another great way to teach our children about the food they take for granted

Reduce Your salt /sodium in take. Switch to a lo-sodium alternative

Did You Know? Each slice of bread can contain an almighty 200mg of salt! and hidden in your bowl of cornflakes is another 360mg of the stuff.

NB 1 teaspoon of salt is the equivalent to 200 mg of sodium.

Make Your Own – if you have time why not make your own bread ! Or buy a bread maker!

Cut Down On Additives.

Cut Down On Preservatives.

FACT: Children who constantly snack in between meals are, invariably fussy eaters – so banish the snack and they will soon feel hungry at meal times!

Remember: Chips are not vegetables – they are potatoes which are carbohydrate – we can still eat chips ‘hurrah’ but we cannot eat them every day!

Say no to low sugar alternatives – ban the sweetener!

Did you know? Aspartame E951 (Nutrasweet) is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

FACT: Tartrazine E102 – Is a common yellow food colourant that experts believe has a direct link to hyperactivity!

Make mealtimes fun – Let’s face it our lives are pretty chaotic – so why not step back and enjoy some quality time together.

Picnic – Remember the good old days? – so next time you fancy going out for the day say no to the drive through and pack a tumultuous picnic the kid’s will love it and so will you.

Did You Know? There are literally hundreds of thousands of easy to prepare meals in under 20 minutes! so make one today!

Join – The slow food movement is gathering momentum across the world to find out more visit [http://wwwslowfood.com]

Remember No Matter What It Is… Enjoy Your Food

Ditch the Baby Weight With Acupuncture

Are you ready to loose your baby weight? Have you tried to loose weight in the past with diets that promise results but fail to deliver? Are you tired of eating salads and carrot sticks while the rest of your friends gorge themselves on pizza and beer? Well you are not alone. Every year Americans spend over 30 billion dollars on weight loss products and services. That’s a hefty amount of money for a hefty nation whose waistline just continues to get bigger. So what do you do when you want to loose weight and you just can’t? My recommendation is to ditch the weight loss pills and exercise gizmos and try a weight loss method that has been around for thousands of years—-acupuncture.

After the birth of my third child, the weight was a bit reluctant to come off to say the least. I was tired of starving myself only to see the scale remain frozen, so I decided to try acupuncture. Finding a qualified acupuncturist is extremely important. Many states do not require that acupuncturists be licensed, so check first to find out what your state requirements are. Acupuncture is a very precise practice and you will only see weight loss results if your acupuncturist is hitting the right points along the meridian lines in your body. Meridian lines are the pathways of energy that flow through your body and the energy that flows through those lines is known as Qi.

I immediately found a local acupuncturist in the St Louis area that was extremely qualified and licensed to perform acupuncture. I was a little nervous about the “pain” associated with the treatment but he assured me there was little, if any discomfort. He was right! The needles “stung” a bit at first but nothing like an injection would. My metabolism was sluggish, so he concentrated the needles on the metabolism points throughout my body to help me loose weight. After an hour of lying very still, I was done! The whole experience was relaxing and tranquil which was so different from the busy household I had just left and certainly a pleasant way to loose weight!

If you aren’t breastfeeding, your acupuncturist may recommend an herbal weight loss detox plan to go along with your acupuncture, or herbal supplements to assist your body during the weight loss process. The week after I had acupuncture I lost 3 pounds instantly and every month since then I have lost 2-3 pounds! The best part has been that I am no longer hungry! I don’t have intense cravings for sugar like I used to and I feel more “in tune” to my body’s needs. Food is fuel and nothing more, and after acupuncture, I started to see it that very way. While I was pleased with the weight loss, I was surprised to find that my energy levels were increasing daily.

In is important to remember that acupuncture does not take the place of eating healthy and exercise. But if you are struggling to loose your baby weight and fed up with the various diet fads, try acupuncture. It is a painless, non-invasive treatment that has been around for thousands of years and it really works. Just remember that breastfeeding mothers should not attempt to loose weight too quickly. On average aim for losing 2-3 lbs a month in order to maintain the quality of your milk supply. Weight loss is just one of acupuncture’s many benefits. In fact, western medicine is just starting to realize acupuncture’s potential. So, before you consider costly prescription weight loss pills, stomach stapling, or liposuction, try acupuncture.

Fat Loss Secrets – Ditch the Fad Diets and Keep the Weight Off Permanently

Would you like lose a few pounds? Well, countless people all around the world are doing just that. Like you, they used to be unhappy with their weight and desperately wanted to change. They sought out fad diets, supplements and other fast weight loss plans that simply didn’t work. Many of them even tried, what I call the “fat loss for goofies plan” where you literally starve your body and shut down your metabolism by eating a super low calorie diet plan. What many dieters don’t realize is that this fat loss for goofies type of lifestyle, didn’t work long term. It might have brought some initial weight loss but wasn’t sustainable for the long haul.

So, in this article, we’re going to bash the fat loss for goofies mindset. We’re going to prove that you can lose weight the smart way and keep it off for good if you apply basic principles to fat loss and do what it takes to make your weight loss dreams a reality. Here’s how:

1. First, you must realize that there are no easy secrets to losing weight. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. You don’t have to deprive yourself of those things you enjoy. In fact, you may even find that the occasional treat breaks up the monotony and helps you stay on track.

2. Second, you have to ditch the diet mentality altogether. You must realize that to take off the weight long term, you must make lifestyle changes. You must eat sensibly every single day. For instance, you have to eat the right portion of carbs, proteins and fats in order to lose weight. If you try and avoid any of these foods, you run the risk of bingeing and/or feeling unsatisfied. However, if you fuel your body with quality foods, in the right proportion, the fat will come off and stay off long term.

3. Third, you must implement exercise into your fat loss regimen. To bust the fat, you must exercise at least 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. Not only will this help you burn more calories and fat, it will also improve your overall health, mood, and mental clarity.

4. Fourth, you must rev up your metabolism by alternating your daily caloric amounts and spacing your meals throughout the day. For instance, instead of eating 1600 calories a day, you can eat 1,700 calories on Monday, 1,600 on Tuesday, and 1,400 on Wednesday for a weekly average of 1,600 a day. In addition, you should eat 4-5 smaller meals instead of three larger meals. This will help your body run at peak efficiency on a continual basis.

In conclusion, if you ditch the fat loss for goofies mentality and be smarter with the implementation of your fat loss diet regimen, you will and can lose the weight and keep it off. After all, your body is equipped for the weight loss challenge if you put it to the test!